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Ann Arbor here we come.Posted on Sat Oct 17

Who is He?

The streets of Detroit will never be the same again. Standing at a towering 9 feet tall, Detroit KRYO is a visually stunning masterpiece that brings fun and excitement to crowds wherever he may be.

Designed and constructed by Metro Detroit Local, Kevin Niezurawski, Detroit KRYO is a fully mobile luxury entertainment package featuring lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and more!

The robotic work of art is equipped with:

  • 2,600 full spectrum LEDs that if lined up, would cover the stretch of over a 225 feet!
  • A total of (4) high-powered lasers in multiple colors that can be see from miles away!
  • (2) CO2 guns that can pump a dense fog into the surrounding area.
  • (6) different pyrotechnic devices that shower the crowd with rays of sparks up to 20 feet high!

Detroit KRYO is ready to blow your mind and provide you with entertainment you will talk about with your friends and family for years to come. When it comes to concerts, sporting events and other special occasions in the Metro Detroit area, Detroit KRYO is raising the bar. Come check him out in person and see what this amazing creation up close and personal.

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